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RiseUp acts as the glue that fuses ecosystems together to help them realize their ultimate potential. By connecting stakeholders to local & global networks, and fusing diverse talents & resources, ecosystems are enabled to accelerate, innovate, and grow. We connect startups to seven relevant resources: knowhow, talent, funding, marketplace, exposure, toolbox, inspiration.

RiseUp Connect

RiseUp Connect is an online platform which aims to connect startups with the most relevant resources anywhere at anytime. This platform offers an amazing experience of having access to a vast network and resources, and only a few clicks away on your phone. Through Slack, RiseUp Connect strives to make its platform easy to use for all of its users to matchmake and catalyze their business by addressing the six boxes of resources : Talent, Funding, Know-how, Marketplace, Exposure and Toolbox.

RiseUp Summit

The summit is our three-day, one-stop-shop, entrepreneurship marathon! We get the biggest crowd of the most diverse people in global ecosystems, from entrepreneurs and startups, to investors and business experts. Whoever you are in the ecosystem, you’ll find a place that’s of relevance and fits your interest in the summit! From workshops, inspiring talks, and panel discussions to startup stations, pitch competitions, and networking platforms with industry experts.

RiseUp Explore

People travel all the time for learning, exposure, and experience, so why don’t startups?
We’ve designed a very special program where selected startups from specific regions go on trips to global ecosystems centered around events, conferences, and summits taking place there. Through Explore, startups are able to gain exposure to new markets, connect with global industry leaders, network with investors, and most importantly gain know-how that will help them better achieve their goals.

RiseUp Meetups

RiseUp MeetUps are all-year-round gatherings between ecosystems’ stakeholders to discuss new, trending, and relevant topics. These Meetups are spread onto four types of gatherings: Regional gatherings for entrepreneurs across various ecosystems and hubs in MENA cities; Local gatherings for the ecosystems’ stakeholders in Egyptian cities; Industry-specific gatherings to discuss relevant topics about certain industries; Stakeholder-specific gatherings where stakeholders belonging to different target groups & industries join to discuss relevant issues that are both trending and relevant.