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I Wanna Partner! -Department/Product Needs

Step 1 of 2 - Title of RFP for main partners page

  • Title of partnership proposal for main partners page

  • Brief of partnership proposal

    First page that describes the partnership need
  • Example: Networking activities in the summit are a key ingredient in RiseUp summit. Networking activities can include activations by facilitators, events, etc. The vision for this year's networking activities is to have a more engaging experience that is gamified.
  • Add a new row
    Bullet points on the details of the activity.... Example: -General networking activations and games across summit venues -Networking activations specific to certain user personas such as exhibitors etc -Guides for attendees to be approachable, for speakers to integrate workshop networking and for partners and exhibitors to become more engaging,
  • DeliverableDeadline 
    Add a new row
    Please make sure to write the whole process, each item with its expected timeline or deadline......... Example: -concept note for networking by July 15 -Finalizing facilitators by October 10 -Sending guides by November 20
  • Example: timeline for activity will be finalized based on partnerships proposal