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API Terms of Use

By accessing or using the following APIs, you are agreeing to these termsĀ and to comply with any accompanying documentation that applies to your use of any of the APIs. As expressly set forth herein, you agree not to do the following:

  • Disclose or provide the APIs or Access Credentials to any person or third party entity.
  • Use the Content for any other purpose not related to FIGI hackathon.
  • Use any API in any manner that, as determined by organizers in its reasonable discretion, constitutes abusive usage.
  • Distribute or allow third parties access to any stand-alone API.


Payment acceptance is the process of receiving payments from your customers through a payment channel. Payment behavior and method preference varies between consumer types.

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The Hosted Checkout model allows you to collect payment details from your payer through an interaction hosted and displayed by the Mastercard Payment Gateway.

Test Merchant ID

Merchant Name : TEST CIB<br>
Merchant ID : TESTCIB700627
Settlement CCY : EGP
API Password : 7c6025c90ee204cec6523e54ec4d77ce

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FawryPay Platform includes a powerful and simple transaction processing API, enabling you to quickly and flexibly avail many payment options to your customers.

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IN Switch

IN Switch’s mobile financial services platform, called MTS, allows our customers to offer a wide variety of multichannel financial services, including USSD and mobile app. IN Switch’s MTS is the technology used by most mobile wallets deployed in Latin America today. Try out our MTS API for merchant payments/enquiries and check out our USSD transactions simulator.

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Our online documentation is divided into sequential sections to provide you with accurate help.

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The purpose of this document is to specify how to integrate with PaySky OMNI Gateway – PayFormTM to
extend payment options to e-commerce customers in few simple steps.

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